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OAKHAM Collection

OAKHAM Collection Products

LS:  w:155,d:45,h:90cm   £555.00 LS: w:155,d:45,h:90cm £555.00
3DS:  w:139,D:43,H:83cm Sideboard £465.00 3DS: w:139,D:43,H:83cm Sideboard £465.00
125 extending to 175cm 125 extending to 175cm
170 extending to 220cm 170 extending to 220cm
2.40 to 2.90 Extending Table 2.40 to 2.90 Extending Table
CC:  90cm Corner Cab £329.00 CC: 90cm Corner Cab £329.00
1.00 opens to 140cm Table 1.00 opens to 140cm Table
Dresser Dresser
4DS:  w:200,d:45,H:100cm  Sideboard £630.00 4DS: w:200,d:45,H:100cm Sideboard £630.00
MB:  Bench £465.00 MB: Bench £465.00
LT:   Lamp Table £189.00 LT: Lamp Table £189.00
Side Table Side Table
LBC:   100cm Bookcase £505.00 LBC: 100cm Bookcase £505.00
120cm Coffee Table £425.00 120cm Coffee Table £425.00
TEL:   60cm Table £185.00 TEL: 60cm Table £185.00
65x54cm Nest 65x54cm Nest
90cm bookcase 90cm bookcase
100cm coffee table. £239.00 100cm coffee table. £239.00
DIS:  80cm display £555.00 glazed sides DIS: 80cm display £555.00 glazed sides
50cm bookcase 50cm bookcase
100cm TV Unit  £295.00 100cm TV Unit £295.00
85cm sideboard 85cm sideboard
100cm Corner £295.00 100cm Corner £295.00
STS:   W:110,D:45,H:90cm sideboard £425.00 STS: W:110,D:45,H:90cm sideboard £425.00
110cm Desk  £439.00 110cm Desk £439.00
155cm dresser top 155cm dresser top
Filing Filing
120x100cm Mirror 120x100cm Mirror
C/b Wooden Seat C/b Wooden Seat
75cm Cupboard £289.00 75cm Cupboard £289.00
W:75cmh:180cm Bookcase W:75cmh:180cm Bookcase
80x60cm Mirror 80x60cm Mirror
computer Desk £555.00 computer Desk £555.00
150cm TV unit £379.00 150cm TV unit £379.00
50x50cm Nest £159.00 50x50cm Nest £159.00
105cm Console £295.00 105cm Console £295.00
Dining table top (without grooves) Dining table top (without grooves)
Dining Table showing edge Dining Table showing edge